Read before make order.

  • 1. About shipping date,
    1)This item will be shipped in a limited quantity of 20 units per a week.
    2)This item may be waiting for more than 1~2 weeks from order to shipment.
    3) The shipping date of this product may be delayed depending on the manufacturer’s situation.
    3)Delivery of products will be sent sequentially according to the order number, and there is no separate notice for delay (please contact us if you want to know).
    4) The components of the product can be changed without notice.
  • 2. About refunds
    1)You can request a refund until the product is shipped (no commission fee).
    2)There are many procedures and costs for refund after shipping.
  • 3. About shipping,
    1)Shipping will be via EMS or DHL (depending on national circumstances, the customer cannot choose)
    2) KA-Models is not responsible for any problems during the delivery process, and the shipping company is responsible for them.
    However, KA-Models will cooperate with the shipping company to help the customer receive compensation if the order is lost or damaged due to reasons attributable to the shipping company.
    KA-Models is not responsible for any delay in arrival.
  • 4. For additional costs,
    1) Customer may be subject to tariffs in accordance with the country’s customs law.(*The U.S. does not impose tariffs on orders under $800 by U.S. Customs Law. )
    2) Customs duties must be paid by the buyer.


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